Germany has been a great experience so far. We had the chance to try a “doner” last night. It is similar a gyro but better.  And the French fries….better than McDonald’s any day. I would rate the “doner” above a chicken shawarma but below the lamb shawarma.  The food here is great. I will be hitting the gym hard when I get back this weekend in preparation for spring training but I won’t lie…I am looking forward to a traditional German meal tomorrow in Wiesbaden.

I can’t believe we are headed back to Miami in two days. It has been around the world in 8 days. I could not be more grateful for this experience. I know how much family means to a military brat since I grew up one while my father was in the Coast Guard. At each stop on this trip, it feels like we have made everyone very appreciative and happy for our visit.

The real heroes are the kids we had the opportunity to visit today at schools around Ramstein Air Base. While their parents are volunteers, the kids are not.  They have grown up far away from their parents and especially while in a foreign country.  It was awesome seeing them so excited to see us.  While visiting each school, the Mermaids performed for middle & high school students (and the young lads got pretty excited after the routine). The real star was Andre. He not only had moves on the field but he had them on the dance floor as well. It was much better than my performance (stayed tuned for video). Those new knees aren’t stopping him from getting down on the dance floor.  I think he could make it through a few rounds in Dancing with the Stars.

We hosted another baseball clinic with a youth baseball team. We had a potential prospect on our hands until he threw the ball about 20 feet away from me and hit an Air Force Captain. He still has a few more years to develop but he might be there some day.

At The Exchange store, we conducted an almost 2-hour autograph session and met over 300 people. It was great! Afterwards I finally got to hit the gym. I am looking forward to our last stop tomorrow.

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