Saludos from Guantanamo Bay, Cuba(Day 1)

Hey Marlins fans,

Early this morning, Gaby Sanchez, Chris Volstad, Stef, Jen, and Carin from the Mermaids jumped on a U.S. Navy C12 plane and took off for Guantanamo Bay Naval Base in Cuba.  This is the first visit for the Marlins down here and day one has been great.  First, on the way over here, Gaby and Chris took a turn at the wheel of the C12 sitting in the Co-pilot’s seat next to our Navy pilot.  These guys actually had a chance to “take the wheel” for a little bit and let’s just say we’re all glad to be safely on the ground. 


Once we arrived, we took a ferry from the leeward side to the windward side of the island where we got our first glimpses of Guantanamo Naval Base.  This is a 45 square mile area that houses about 6,000 folks from all the branches of our military.  We hosted a baseball and dance clinic at Cooper Field in the afternoon for the kids that live on the base.  This is the local recreation facility on the base where they have baseball/softball fields as well as a football/soccer field and a track.  Everyone was excited to see us and the kids were able to take part in some baseball drills with Gaby and Chris as well as learn a basic routine from the Mermaids.  After the clinic, we signed a few autographs and took some pictures with the families in attendance. 


Next up, Monday morning is PT(physical training) with the Marines.  Let see what kind of shape Gaby, Chris, and the Mermaids are in after that.  It’s very warm over here and it’s already close to 90 degrees by 7am!  It’s been great so far and very rewarding being able to come down here and thank these folks for all they do for us on a daily basis in serving their country.  On Monday we will also be going over to Marine Hill which is near the fence line that separates the base from Cuba.  Until next time…

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