Mermaids Adventure At Sea (Naty)

Hi Marlins fans! This is Mermaid Naty writing to you from Southeast Asia. Our trip overseas to support our troops had been beyond words.  I am amazed and honored to be a part of this life changing experience. My favorite and most memorable event in Southwest Asia was our Mermaids adventure at sea with the United States Navy. On Sunday, we took a boat ride in the Persian Gulf.  Before hopping on the boat, we had to strap on these heavy bulky life jackets and tie our hair back.  We quickly jumped on the front of the boat in order to get the best view. We were warned that we were going to get wet, but we thought it is all or nothing and decided to ride it out in the front. We should have known were in for a special treat when all the other passengers rode on the back of the boat. As we were admiring the beautiful view and listening to our guide, the waves suddenly started getting real choppy and the captain increased the speed at which we were traveling. We quickly realized we were going to get soaked! Let’s just say when we arrived to our destination, we were all soaked from head to toe. Ashley, Kim and I were laughing nonstop as we were getting splashed on because our hair and makeup turned into a complete disaster.  We held on tightly to the railing to maintain our position as the boat soared through the harbor.  It was quite an adventure and a moment we all will always remember (especially the sailors who warned us). The once pretty, dolled up Mermaids ended up soaked but feeling like true troopers.  I look forward to sharing more stories with you soon!

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