Hello to all from Iraq! (Christina)

Where do I begin, by far this has been the best experience of my life and the most memorable! Coming here has been a blessing and so life changing!  We have been to so many bases meeting all the troops and learning about their everyday routine. So far I have been the cluts of this trip! Getting to the hotel I blew up the lights of my room, my camera got stepped on and completely broke. Also at one of the bases I was stuck inside a bathroom the handles on both sides broke but I’ve had a lot fun!

I’ve done so many adventurous things here that I will never forget, like riding in a helicopter and on a convoy! Overall I love it here and can not wait to get home and show everyone all the photos and videos.



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hey i really enjoyed your guys stay at camp bucca and i was lucky enough to take you guys to eat and to drive you to get on the blackhawk..im a huge fan i just didnt get no autographa which im pretty upset about is there anyway you cheerleaders can sign one and send it out to me id love that..i had to leave the chow hall early so i can stage up the viecles to drive you guys away..again i had a great time

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