Experiencing Iraq (Natalie)

Where do I start?!  Hey Marlins fans, the group and I are just about done with our day here in Iraq, and I have to say I am very happy to be here!  There are no words to explain the feelings we get as we see the smiles on the troops’ faces.  It is truly an honor to be able to visit all the different bases and share this great experience with amazing people.  Each and every base has been special and unique in its own way.  Our days here have been filled with interesting stories, adventurous helicopter and truck rides, and of course, BIG HEARTS! 🙂

Today we got to ride in a Convoy truck!  It was definently the real deal and something we will never forget!  The first base we visited today was also an unforgettable experience because we got to speak with the Iraqi Commander of the Iraqi troops at Camp Sa’ad.  He gave an amazing speech that touched our hearts and made us feel very welcome. 

Without a doubt, today all of us realized what a life changing experience this trip has been.  We love being here and feel so privelaged to get to learn so much in so little time.  I really feel like I have made a difference for these soldiers, and got to reach out to them even if it was for five minutes in their day.  Everything has been absolutely AMAZING.

Little Nat

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Thanks for coming out. We really enjoyed your visit here in Bucca. My offer still stands about getting you ladies some name tapes and mailing them to you. Just let me know, its no problem at all.

Thanks again,

AKA: The coolest camera guy ever! 😉

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