Fewer than 24 hours from departure (David Samson)

It is 4:20 p.m., and we are leaving in 21 hours.  Logan Morrison, Andre Dawson, Jeff Conine and I held a press conference this morning, where the (2) funniest discoveries were that Andre plans to bring a minimum of 3-5 suitcases (he will be the best dressed person to visit the troops in history), and that Jeff plans to watch The Hangover 12 times (it will still be funny the 12th time).  I personally just left Walgreen’s, where I picked up enough Good ‘n Plenty and Swedish Fish to feed most of the troops.  We have all of our gear ready and are looking forward to the trip, where we will have a once in a lifetime opportunity to entertain our troops overseas.

On a more serious note, we have all spent much time preparing for this trip and thinking of different ways to bring baseball and a piece of home to the soldiers.  We have all packed our baseball gloves, as well as enough hats and shirts to convert every soldier to a Marlins fan.  We had to change John Buck’s flight arrangements because of the winter storm throughout the country, but luckily, in Florida and Washington, the weather is good (John is flying from the west coast).

Spring Training is coming soon, but in the meantime, this trip is the beginning of our Caravan for the Troops (www.marlins.com/caravan). We will all stay in touch for the next (9) days.

David Samson

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