Back in the United States (Matt Britten)

We are in Washington/Dulles for the next two hours until our flight leaves for Miami and everyone is fairly exhausted.  However, after a 14-hour flight from Kuwait, what’s a couple more hours??

The evening in Kuwait was uneventful after my last post; we made it through the hustle and insanity of Kuwait City Airport check-in, then I grabbed a coffee from Starbucks, Fredi and Larry picked up some souvenirs at the Harley-Davidson Kuwait store, then as a group we crushed 54 McNuggets, 5 large fries and a chicken sandwich at McDonald’s (yes, there’s even a McD’s in Kuwait City Airport and it’s just as bad for you).

Here in Washington DC it’s chilly outside and the ground is covered in snow.  Amazingly it felt more like home 7,000 miles away.  A few of us had aspirations of some early Monday sight-seeing in DC, but I think exhaustion may have gotten the better of us for now.  I have had a chance during the layover to check in with a few of the many people we met during our trip to Kuwait and Iraq.  I may now officially have a friend from every state in the U.S., which I suppose can’t be a bad thing when you’re traveling and looking for a good place to eat!

I am looking forward to getting home, seeing my fiance, sleeping in my own bed, preparing for Caravan and FanFest (which starts next week!) and downloading tons of video and photos from the trip.  It may take a day or two, but check out throughout the week for me, you will want to see some of this!

I’ll see many of you back home soon!


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