Question of the Day – Jan 26

Question of the Day from for January 26th:

Name: Juan Roman

Question for Chris Coghlan:

As a former corporal of the Marines Corps have you ever thought when you were younger of being in the Marines like your brother and how is the food over in Iraq? What do you feel when you visit our troops? And how do you think they are doing? If you weren’t a baseball player would you consider on being in our troops?


Hey guys, thanks for the support!! Actually, when I was younger I wanted to either be in the FBI like my uncle or SWAT like my dad. Even though I have always loved baseball I always thought I would have to give baseball up at some point in life to get a “real job.” Man do I feel blessed to be wrong! 
The food is pretty good. My expectations weren’t too high cause of my brother’s stories though. We just ate salmon with wild rice and broccoli yesterday.

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