Safely on the ground

We finally touched ground after a 12-hour voyage across the Atlantic!  After check-in, John, Chris and I hit the gym for a while and then met up with Larry Beinfest for an outstanding dinner at the hotel.  Everyone has been extremely nice to us and very accommodating.

Hopefully everyone else found a way to get to sleep, not much luck’s after 2AM here and we have a big day planned, starting at 0800 hours!  I passed a Turkish coffee shop downstairs earlier and I have a suspicion that we will be getting acquainted in just a few hours.

Plans tomorrow include a boat ride, base tour, photo/autograph session with the troops and a visit to a local little league.  I can only imagine how excited the kids will be to meet real Major League Baseball players and we are all looking forward to spending time with them.  Who knows, maybe we’ll find a couple future Marlins while we’re there!

Remember to check back regularly this week as we will be uploading video from our activities as soon as possible.

Take care,



I want to personally thank the Marlins for putting this trip together, and I especially want to thank Chris, John, Larry, and Freddi for making the trip. The troops here in Camp Arifjan were very excited to see them. All the members of the tour were very gracious and took time to personally greet every service member who came out to see them.

Lt. Col. Paul Hesco
Commander, Camp Arifjan Zone 6, Kuwait
115th Fires Brigade, WY Army National Guard

I want to thank the Florida Marlins for reminding me how much I love being a Marlins fan! It was great to meet and greet with Larry, Chris, and John and ofcourse the Mermaids. You have taken away from your family and friends to show your support for the Soldiers, Airman, Coast Guardians, Navy and Marines and I salute you. Thank you and good luck this year.

SFC Chris Galbusieri
First Sergeant
840th Transportation Battalion
Joint Base Balad, Iraq

This is great what you guys are doing for the troops. I’m looking forward to hearing about your experiences. Have a great time and stay safe.


Way to go guys, especially the Rookie of the Year! Baseball is played in Turkey? I can’t wait for the season to begin!

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