Final countdown

Less than 24 hours remain until we depart for Southwest Asia! The washing machine has been running all morning, the cameras have been charging and soon all bags will be packed. It’s not a very exciting Saturday in the sports world, and being rather starved for baseball, I dug through the DVR inbox until I found something interesting..Mark Buehrle’s perfect game from last July is a good place to start.

I just checked the weather forecast for Kuwait and it is expected to be pleasant when we land Monday afternnoon, sunny and 75, dropping to 50 overnight. I have read that they can get quite a bit of rain and chilly temperatures during the winter, so it appears that we have lucked out; very little rain expected over the next 10 days in Kuwait and Iraq with mostly 60-70s during the day.

I couldn’t be more excited to get on the plane tomorrow and start the trip. We have been planning this with Armed Forces Entertainment since October and it’s hard to believe that the time is finally here! I started to get really amped up for the first time last night at the Mermaids Final Audition Show at Seminole Paradise. It was a great event hosted by the Seminole Hard Rock Casino and an excitable crowd cheered on their Mermaid hopefuls as the group of 50 finalists was narrowed down and the 2010 Marlins Mermaids were selected. After the team was announced, the four girls who are going with us signed their Mermaids contracts and we discussed the laundry list of details surrounding the trip. It was at that point that I realized only a few hours remained.

We have a very busy 9 days planned, so the rest of the day will consist of some final packing and taking in the Heat-Kings game tonight. After that, a good night of sleep and then we’re off!

I will be updating the blog regularly as time allows so check back for new entries throughout the week and I will also arrange for a few “guest” bloggers on the trip. Also, visit for video and photo updates, as well as a Question of the Day where you ask the questions and we’ll answer them from Southwest Asia.

Forgot how quickly Buehrle works, 12 up and 12 down already…

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